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Will you support the kickstarter campaign?

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Posted 17 June 2017 - 06:50 AM

There is a common theme I have seen here and in conversations with people who played the mod. The community is clearly mad that this mod has not been maintained as well as they wanted and it does seem that if the mod had been a little bit better maintained there may be more interest today in the standalone. The Breaking Point mod is one of the top rated mods on Arma 3's workshop. It has almost twice the amount of positive ratings as PLAYERUNKNOWN'S Battle Royale mod.

Almost 7,400 people rated the Breaking Point mod positively on steam. Only 1,816 people have backed the Kickstarter as of today. That means of all the people who took the time to rate the mod... only a small portion of those people backed this project if at all.

There are a lot of streamer fans who never played the mod who backed it. A lot of random people who just heard about the game on kickstarter and backed it. I'm the only person I know who is backing this standalone, and I have told everyone I know about this game. Most of my gaming friends are Arma or DayZ buddies. I'm hearing a lot of "We'll see how it is before I buy it or give anything".


One issue with reading the reviews on Steam is that the Mod has been in so many phases.


Humanity system then Factions.


Working Ballistics and Healthsystem and then buggy..


Tough loot table where it was hard to reach top tier gear which then became easy loot for everyone. 7.62 suppressor for example went from finding 1 in a year to having one more or less all the time.


From nothing will be safe to safes and havens.


Which game/mod did the reviewers review?



The devs are also going against somethings themselves once thought was important features in the mod.


Open for hosting more or less killing the hardcore game instantly, its been a issue with epoch/exile and BP once was proud of keeping their servers in house and said this was such a important feature it was never going to change.



I think they are trying to please a to big crowd with the Standalone. And maybe are trying to be a bit to creative.


I have said it before i really dont think this game should have been called Breaking Point, their vision of BP has changed to much from what it once was and does not represent what the Mod has been.


I understand that they want to sell so aim for a big crowd and want to be creative with many features and so forth but aiming for high revenue in their first game might be tough.


Less is more.


I have not looked at any streams, only saw a short bit of the Q&A so i might be wrong but most i have read does not feel like the Breaking Point i have played.

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Posted 20 June 2017 - 12:23 PM

Steam Greenlight is no more. They retired it to be replaced with 'Steam Direct'. I don't know what this means for BP or EA games in general. Time will tell.


I don't believe it means anything new since BP was already greenlit, and almost all games that were being processed in Greenlight were automatically greenlit anyway (according to Valve: http://steamcommunit...3169870947116).But for other, future submissions to Steam game developers will need to go through Steam Direct now.

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