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Regarding reporting players via the forums - Please Read

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Posted 08 January 2016 - 07:29 PM

Ladies and Gentlemen, all creatures great and small,

Recently there has been a bit it of an influx of people using the forums to report the more unscrupulous members of the community who are abusing collision exploits or some form of hacks on our servers.

While the staff greatly appreciate and commend those who take the time to record/upload/report these events, doing so on the public forum isn't the place for it. The administrators can't glean much in terms of required information from a simple forum post, and video evidence, while extremely helpful in catching the pond scum who are perpetrating this, it still does not give the admins all they need to take action.

The fastest and most reliable way to provide the staff this information is via direct dialogue on Discord or Teamspeak.

We understand though that sometimes there simply are no administrators available. If this is the case, we request that you send your report to the staff via personal message on the forums. By all means, take the shotgun approach and message as many as you can add to the conversation, one of them will get to it as soon as they are available.

In this PM can you please include as much information as you can: Which server, what time, who (if anyone) died, or any events or circumstances you feel may be even remotely relevant, even character load out (yours or the alleged exploiter if you got a look at it. Even "their gun sounded like a SuperMatch" can be helpful). Extra points for a video upload or screenshots. If the staff require any further information they will contact you with their request.

Furthermore, it is clearly stated in the forum rules that exploiters are not to be reported via forum posts, for a myriad of reasons, least of all inspiring/teaching other less savoury persons to do the same tricks.




For this reason, any further reporting via public forum posts will regrettably result in warnings being issued and posting privileges being temporarily revoked for those who continue to do so. Please consider this the first and only warning. We do not want to punish those who take the time to try and bring these people down, so please, in future, take the appropriate avenues.


Smitti and the Breaking Point mod team

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