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Looking For Staff

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Posted 09 March 2015 - 05:23 PM

We are currently looking for active staff members, above everything else we are looking for people who are active, you will be somewhat expected to remain active.

What you will be doing as staff.

• Keeping discussions civil on our forums.
• Keeping the forums organized by moving/merging/locking topics.
• Issuing warnings on our forums for unwanted behavior.
• Answering technical/game questions on our forums.
• Assisting users in our teamspeak's help desk.

Please Fill out the template below in the format provided and private message the application to DirtyBongTokes&NAAMARI&Kovacs&Gortias&Ben via the forums, be sure to add us all to the same conversation.

Forum Name:
Player ID:
Question 1: Which languages do you speak fluently?
Answer 1:
Question 2: How long have you been playing Breaking Point (Sign-up date) ?
Answer 2:
Question 3: Have you had any previous experience moderating forum or game servers?
Answer 3:
Question 4: Do you prefer to work alone or with a team? why?
Answer 4:
Question 5: Do you have any specific technical talents(Coding, Visual work, etc.) ? 
Answer 5:
Question 6: Why do you want to be staff?
Answer 6:
Question 7: Can you handle pressure and not hide?
Answer 7:
Question 8: How would you describe yourself?
Answer 8:
Question 9: How are your people skills(Give specific examples) ?
Answer 9:
Question 10: How would your peers describe you?
Answer 10:
Question 11: Do you challenge conflict or do you avoid it?
Answer 11:
Question 12: What do you consider to be your greatest weakness?
Answer 12:
Question 13: What do you consider to be your greatest strengths?
Answer 13:
Question 14: Tell me about a time where you had to juggle several tasks at once. What did you do?
Answer 14:
Question 15: What are the first two things you would do if you were brought on as staff?
Answer 15:

What are you interested in helping with (forum or server moderation) ? -
What time zone do you live in (UTC) ? -
When are you usually online? -
Do you work or go to school? -

We are always looking for more help, if we want to follow up on any application; myself or one of the other senior admins will private message you on the forums and ask you to come onto our team-speak to talk. I want to formally thank everyone who has applied because I have not had the time to reply to every application on a case by case basis.


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