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#55698 **Breaking Point Roadmap**

Posted by Valtiel on 04 March 2014 - 04:14 PM

The dates below are intentionally vague because it is hard to commit to hard timelines at the moment, i'd rather this serve as a glimpse into what we have planned for the next few months more than a rigid calendar anyway. This is a rough list of things we have planned including not yet prioritized ideas/features. This list will be updated periodically. 


June 2014:

    [*]Dead player reanimation
    [*]Engineer Class
    [*]Melee 2.0
    [*]Additional zombie variant(s)
    [*]New character hit points for enhanced combat realism
    [*]AI improvements
    [*]More specific coding for vest damage reduction + wiki documentation
    [*]Helicopter crash sites w/ anti duping measures

    July 2014:

    • Underwater Wrecks
    • Additional zombie variant(s)
    • Two new map variants


    Not yet prioritized:

      [*]Walk like a zombie for stealth
      [*]Dynamic event-based music
      [*]Almyra Trade Outpost AI
      [*]Leaderboard Bounty System
      [*]Craftable improvised explosives
      [*]Flashbang/Stun grenades
      [*]Scavangable map objects (possibly for Engineer class only?)
      [*]Full Headless Client integration
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#214449 NEW: How to Install Breaking Point From Steam Workshop.

Posted by deathlyrage on 26 April 2015 - 11:50 AM

You need to be whitelisted before you can actually login to your launcher! For instructions read this link!


1. Open your Breaking Point Launcher and select Installation and Updates



2. Select the Steam Workshop button



3. Steam will open to the Breaking Point Steam Workshop Page. Hit Subscribe



4. Close the Breaking Point Launcher and Check your Steam Downloads. It should start downloading the mod. The first time you do this it will re-download 7 GB. You will also need to turn on auto updating on steam on properties of Arma 3.




5. Once steam finishes downloading re-open the Breaking Point launcher as a administrator by clicking on the shortcut Right Click -> Run as Administrator.




6. Select Link Steam Files.




7. You should see this message and your version number will appear green.



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#96568 Roadmap for 0.1406+

Posted by Guest on 27 May 2014 - 08:02 AM

In Progress:


-Loot 3.0

-Simulation Mgr 4.0

-Bipods / Weapon Resting

-Improved Group System

-Improved Haven Storage Objects / Zombies Opening Doors etc

-150 Bugfixes on the bugtracker

-Players who TranQ / duct tape someone else are responsible for the life of that person for a short amount of time. If your hunter friend runs behind a corner and guts him you will loose points for that assist.

-Completely Delete Zombies and Re-code them from scratch  :) /w completely different behavior (actually a challenge) 

-Secret Stash Construable. Updated Requirements / Shovel Tool Replacement.

-Item / Tool to break into havens and or destroy safes.

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#24490 **A note about Performance and adding features**

Posted by Valtiel on 08 December 2013 - 07:34 PM

This is for all those out there who have not been involved with the development of a massive multiplayer mod for Arma, or even any massive multiplayer game in general. I wish I had the time and the energy to explain this to each individual person as I think it would be massively beneficial if everyone understood the rules and limitations in which we work. I'll try to sum it up in a post as best as possible, it is long but informative so bear with me:


EVERYTHING has a cost. 


What on earth does that mean? When I say "cost" i'm referring to bandwidth and performance impact. Arma is not a well optimized platform for massive multiplayer games, at all. Any decent sized multiplayer mods, and even DayZ Standalone itself is in a constant battle with the limitations of bandwidth and optimization. When you introduce a large number of players into a world like Chernarus or Alits, mix in a bunch of unique loot objects and AI, and attempt to run everything smoothly in real time you IMMEDIATELY run in to a number of roadblocks. Many mods out there disguise this by implementing fancy client-side optimizations to make everything look like it is running smoothly while behind the scenes, the server is walking around like....


Posted Image


So what does that mean for you? That means that while everything LOOKS like its running smoothly, the server is not keeping up with what is actually happening. [color=#ff0000;]Think of it as throwing too much paper into a paper shredder[/color]. The shredder can handle a certain amount of paper, then it starts to slow down under increased load, then eventually it simply stops. You are sending information from your client to the server and the server already has a backlog of things its trying to resolve. Maybe a bunch of people all logged in at once, maybe a car full of people blew up.....either way you are now going to experience a delay between you doing something and it actually happening if the resources are too stretched. This includes almost everything; eating, drinking, repairing a vehicle, shooting someone, picking up loot etc etc. 


So back to the thesis statement: EVERYTHING has a cost. 


This came to mind when I typed a reply about 15 minutes ago in regards to a request Mad Saulot made about player name popups and restricting the distance of them appearing to 100 meters. This is absolutely possible, but please read carefully and consider the following...


This is a very good example of how many things work in the game; in order to accomplish this, we need to know player proximity, obviously. So how do we do that? Your client would have to broadcast a script that checks player location and in order for it to be accurate, it would probably need to do so every few seconds, lets say 5 seconds for easy math. Each player broadcasting a script every 5 seconds, 50 players on a server, server uptime is 4 hours. 60 seconds in a minute  x   60 minutes in an hour   x   4 hours in a server session   /   by 5 seconds  x  50 players on the server [color=#ff0000;]144,000 scripts to be handled in a server session[/color]. And that is if we stay at a 50 player limit, it jumps to 216,000 if we increase the limit to 75, and this is only for a very small feature disabling a name popup outside of 100 meters. Nearly a quarter of a million pieces of paper into our big paper shredder for a tiny feature, just imagine what the bigger features do. Zombie line of sight checks, every couple seconds checking for a player within its range  x  hundreds of possible zombies spawned in at any given time....you get the idea.


I am posting this so everyone understands at least a little bit what we deal with and why everyone's wishes can not come true. Any time someone says "well why can't you just do _______" its because the above calculations need to be taken into consideration for everything because..........EVERYTHING has a cost. 


Thanks for reading if you made it this far, I hope this is helpful for you. 

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#159412 Item duplication

Posted by Kovacs on 15 November 2014 - 01:56 PM

Item Duplication


It has become apparent to the Breaking Point staff that duplication exploiting is on the rise again. This behavior skews the data collected by our dev team and is very unfair to those players that follow our rules.


We have put in a lot of work to try and reduce this, but at the end of the day someone will always find a way and then exploit it.
In the past we have given short suspensions to those we caught duping. However this does not seem to have had the desired effect, so we will now be handing out more severe penalties to those players that continue to break this rule.


To reiterate :


Deliberately duplicating items of any kind is against our rules.


So count this as your one and only warning. We will be permanently banning people If you Duplicate.

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#208959 Taking a short Break from Breaking Point

Posted by deathlyrage on 12 April 2015 - 06:16 PM

I'v been working on this mod, for hours on end every single day for the past 2 years. The last several days I have spent countless hours debugging and fixing all the stability problems with the mod. Everything from Hive Extension being slow and taking up all the CPU usage (which has been broken for months). Issues logging in, server running out of groups and hitting the 144 limit and not being able to create players characters. I have realized that I'm going to need a break. Working on Breaking Point really detracts my attention away from my University work that I'm supposed to be doing.  So I'm going to take my first break now for 2 weeks. That means no more patches until I come back.


There is still some serious issues with the game. At high player counts the Arma 3 Process chokes and dies and kicks most of the population for high ping, however this is a issue with Arma 3 and not something I can fix. I'm hoping new perf builds of Arma 3 fix this issue.


Like many of you realize, when you say comments about the mod, team, admins. We all don't have to be here. I don't have to be working on the mod, admins don't have to help people. So any of you who have said nasty stuff to the team who are reading this post should take that into account.


Hope everything goes well while I am on my break. There is enough people running this thing for it to still work while I'm on my break (hopefully).


Best Of Luck,


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#175271 **Zombie AI 2.0 PLEASE READ**

Posted by Valtiel on 01 January 2015 - 03:31 AM

I want this to be well documented because it is going to be a BIG change and as such, some people may not like it, especially if it is not properly explained.


I am not putting this up as a feedback discussion or a poll because 50 different people will give you 50 different styles of zombie behavior that they like. We have chosen a direction and want to work with you guys to perfect it. Zombies are going to be a serious threat once this is implemented and I want to detail their expected AI behavior so people know how to navigate them and more efficiently report any problems they may have. Just for reference, I have legitimately been beaten and killed by these things while simply attempting to test their behavior on my dev server. They are tough and learning how to navigate them is going to become so much more important than it is now.


First up, zombies are going to be all about audio, whether it be player movement or weapon sounds. Footstep sounds will vary based on surface, stance and movement speed. For example, a full sprint on paved road will be the loudest movement sound with an audible range of 50 meters. Crouch run cuts that in half, prone crawl fast will only be several meters and prone crawl slow will be only 1 meter.  This will all vary based on the surface as well so grass is quieter than concrete etc etc. Gunshot sounds will cause zombies to converge on the location of the shot much more accurately and certain types of gunshots will bring additional zombies to the party. Firing and moving will be important here as the zombies will only aggro to the location of the shot, if you are still there when zombies arrive then that is your bad. Once aggro'd to you, zombies are relentless by comparison to the current versions. They are fast and way WAY smarter when it comes to tracking and matching your movements. We have used the same AI tricks we learned with the dogs to improve path finding. As such, losing a zombie will be tricky. It will require an adequate break in line of sight (not simply running around a corner) and complete silence to break aggro. Buildings as always will play an important role in this. Jumping from a second story balcony to another building and laying prone upstairs works the best for me so far. Once off of you, the zombie will return to its spawn building and wait for another player to come by.  


Zombies will spawn the same way they spawn now but in smaller numbers and will remain idle inside their buildings until provoked. This means no more zombies wandering the streets unless a player has provoked them, which introduces a very important aspect to game play that many players here have discussed. Zombie movement will still be a reliable indicator of a nearby player, even more so in this case, BUT you now have the ability to stealth around infested areas without alerting them, thus leaving the zombies in their buildings and removing the early detection system that other players will be looking for, if you are patient. This will play well into the Survivalist's hands who will be getting their decreased zombie detection perks tuned for this audio based system and will be problematic for the level 3 Hunter as his movement speed perks, also coming with this update, will alert zombies more easily. The speed however will be a huge advantage in getting away from them because.....


All new animations will be coming for the zombies as well. Idle, walking, running, and sprinting. The sprint animation will be fairly equivalent to player running/sprinting speed. This will need a lot of fine tuning to find balance, at the moment they are a tiny bit faster than a sprinting player with a weapon equipped but slower than an unarmed/binocular sprint. Whether this is the right formula or not will have to be tested, it is a very easy thing to change. Either way, this combined with their new ability to attack on the run without slowing down makes them deadly. Melee weapons are going to be CRUCIAL now and spawn rates will be adjusted to reflect this. Thankfully the recent melee hit detection magic has made slaughtering them quite enjoyable. 


To sum it up.....




At the moment, that is the point. You WILL die and continue to die many times over if you attempt to treat these zombies the same way you treat the current ones. You will need to adapt and figure out your own ways of navigating them. We are hoping for honest feedback once implemented (hopefully this weekend) and not complaining from people that are still running gleefully through the streets only to end up with missing chunks of ass. 


Good luck.  :ph34r: 



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#65400 Faction / Class System Write Up

Posted by Valtiel on 24 March 2014 - 04:43 AM

*UPDATE*: For more accurate information added after this post was written see the wiki page. http://breakingpoint...?title=Factions


To prevent any speculation, here is a (not so) brief write up of the main features and principles of the upcoming class system, I will also field questions on the topic.



There are 5 classes plus 1 opt out option (more detail on this below). The classes are The Rangers, Outlaws, Hunters, Nomads, Survivalists, and "None" and they all start at level 1 (except for "None"). Each class features its own unique perks that typically increase in value as the player levels up. Each class's progression is separate and saved so you can level and maintain multiple characters. You are presented with the class select screen after each death allowing you to change classes. This means you can select a class, level it up, die or be killed, select another class, and after you die as that class you can return to the first class with all your progress saved. Maintaining these characters will be more difficult however as the points will cap once you reach the highest level so you can not accumulate the giant buffer of extra points on top of your level 3. This will also allow us to more easily add additional levels in the future if necessary.


For times when you simply want to play without worrying about your character progression you can select "None" which will give you one of three civilian characters whose actions have no impact on your other classes. The "None" character can be killed by any of the classes for a small point gain (less than killing other rival classes but still something). Stats will not be tracked with these characters but they can still be customized via clothing found in game.


The characters in the class system will not have the ability to wear found clothing as their clothing is necessary for identification purposes, the most important being the character's headgear which is part of their overall skin. Each class has a particular style of headgear that can be used to easily identify the player once you become familiar with them (pictured below). If you fall into the negative point range (everyone starts at zero) by killing a player you shouldn't kill or by performing an action not fitting of your character then your skin will change to a dirtied/bloodied version of the starting Level 1 skin and the headgear will be removed allowing the traitor to be easily identified. This will happen live during the play session, not after death as it would have previously. The negative point range will also be capped meaning that you will not be able to lose so many points that you can never get back into the positives. 


The class system perks are as follows but are not 100% set in stone yet as a few have technical hurdles that need to be overcome;


The Rangers feature perks giving them a combination of strength and medical abilities. All Rangers are tougher than normal characters via armor that allows them to receive less damage to the body. Level 1's armor gives a small reduction in body shot damage, Level 2's armor ignores all body hit values below a certain point which means most small pistol rounds will do little to no damage (rifle rounds are unaffected however) and level 3's armor combines both benefits. Level 1 and 2 both spawn with additional medical supplies and Level 3 will spawn with a Medical Backpack that allows the treatment of any bleeding/pain/broken bones. It does not however perform surgery and its capacity is somewhat small. 


The Outlaws feature custom backpacks starting at Level 2 and the Level 3's start with an IED blueprint allowing them to construct an improvised explosive device that can be used to disable vehicles and injure/kill personnel. This blueprint will not be on the loot tables making it exclusive to Level 3 Outlaws. 


The Hunters feature increased movement speed in a number of actions and are one of the two classes that start with a melee weapon. 


The Nomads also feature custom backpacks (including the largest of any of the starting backpacks) and have the ability to heal faster when resting. Level 1's have no delay to the start of the healing process, Level 2's have no delay and heal 50% faster, and Level 3's have no delay and heal twice as fast AND can heal above the current 75% ceiling to 100% health. Nomad's also recover from pain and sickness automatically after 5-10 minutes. Nomads also start with a melee weapon. 


The Survivalists feature progressing levels of camouflage in the form of Ghillie camo and become increasingly difficult for zombies to detect allowing them to sneak in hostile territory much easier. They also have custom equipment vests/pouches and are the only class that will start with the Tranquilizer weaponry. It is undecided as to whether or not this weaponry will be locked to this class. 


Each class also has slightly modified starting loadouts. 


Class progression for Rangers and Nomads is generally centered around helping other players by giving them food/water/medical aide and killing rival classes. Points are lost for killing other Nomads/Rangers and aiding Hunters and Outlaws. Nomads also gain points for killing and gutting animals. Outlaws progress by killing rival classes and destroying camps/vehicles (they also gain a small amount for helping their fellow Outlaws with food/water/medical aide). Points are lost for killing other Outlaws. Hunters progress simply by killing and by destroying camps/vehicles to a lesser extent. Points are lost for helping anyone. Survivalists progress by staying alive for extended periods of time and aiding other friendlies. Points are also lost for dying and killing other players. 


Those are all the major points for now, below are the selection screens as they will appear in game. 


Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image





Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image

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#240945 Want Weather / Day Night Cycle that doesn't suck?

Posted by deathlyrage on 06 July 2015 - 10:15 PM

Upvote this. http://feedback.arma...ew.php?id=24685
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#87018 **Upcoming performance improvements**

Posted by Valtiel on 09 May 2014 - 01:03 PM

Deathly and NoHrt have identified what we feel are the primary causes of the current performance issues and will be doing some patching/tests this weekend. The feeling right now is that what they have found is likely the cause of most of, if not all of our performance problems currently and that this will be a substantial improvement to the performance of the game, specifically related to desync issues. Either way, this is our top priority at the moment and feature development is halted until it is sorted out to our (and hopefully your) satisfaction. 

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#123965 What about new factions badges/logos ?

Posted by thaismai on 03 August 2014 - 08:10 AM

Hello all, I worked on a badge/logo for faction in the "player stats" page in the launcher.
I'm trying to do very explicit design, then even new players can understand what each class is about.

[color=#00ff00;]RANGER[/color] (justice / angel but violent)

[color=#00ff00;]HUNTER[/color] (Death cult / Violence).

[color=#00ff00;]OUTLAW[/color] (anarchy / no gods no masters)
[color=#00ff00;]SURVIVALIST[/color] (Pacifist but tough / camo / vegetation / stealth).
[color=#00ff00;]NOMAD [/color](wind rose / movement / sand)

[color=#696969;]ENGINEER (coming soon if needed)[/color]

[color=#696969;]NO CLASSE (coming soon if needed)[/color]


Posted Image



Big size versions :


Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image


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#61069 Breaking Point: Chronicles (COMIC)

Posted by Hutchie on 16 March 2014 - 07:50 AM

Hope you enjoy it. Click thumbnails to view pages.


Cover page:

Attached File  coverfinished.jpg   243.57KB   21 downloads


Episode 1:


Page 1:                                               Page 2:                                        

Attached File  episode1.1.jpg   311.67KB   23 downloads                    Attached File  episode1.2.jpg   286.14KB   24 downloads              




 Page 3:                                              Page 4:  

 Attached File  2.1.jpg   204.96KB   22 downloads                 Attached File  2.2.jpg   284.98KB   25 downloads


Episode 2:


Page 1:                                               Page 2:

Attached File  2.1.jpg   270.29KB   24 downloads                    Attached File  2.2.jpg   232.37KB   22 downloads


Video Episode: Exit Mad Saulot? Watch fullscreen in 1080p!



Enter SOT:

Attached File  helcrash.jpg   180.48KB   19 downloads



Higher-res less blurry version viewable here: 





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#129965 Desync and updates

Posted by nohrt on 22 August 2014 - 12:23 PM

First off i want to thank all of you for putting up with this shit. We have ran multiple updates and configs and you guys were so helpful with getting us the data we needed without complaint. Thanks for helping us create a better mod!


With that said i want to let you guys know the current status with the Mod and Arma 3. Deathly and I have personally been awake for 28 hours now and the majority of that time has been dedicated to troubleshooting the issue. We have done various builds with BreakingPoint to see if the issue was on our end with slim results.


As of Tuesday Bohiemia released a sitrep saying that their RC build had desync issues and they were going to work on addressing them before patching. They patched on Wednesday to 1.26 the current Arma 3 build. We thought that due to them releasing they have squashed the Desync issue that was plaguing us in the RC build. 1.26 rolls out and we have the Heavy/Unplayable desync issues you have been experiencing for the past 3 days.


Deathly and I  have been working tirelessly to try and find the issue, as we thought it was with our mod. We have had slim to no results with any of our builds. We Almost gave up hope that we could fix this.


Im part of a invite only skype with advanced members of the Arma 3 community. I asked in the skype group if any other mods/server admins have experienced any crazy desync issues on 1.26 as no one has said anything about it since the release. At that point many mod developers and server hosters spoke up about having the same issue we were trying to squash. A few minutes later a representative from BI finally states that the issue in the RC build still exists in the actual release of 1.26. Our many hours of troubleshooting our mod thinking it was the culprit was wasted, 1.26 is to blame for our issues.


After that BI gave us various dev builds of the server.exe and arma3.exe for us to do QA and try and narrow down where the issue is. I gave them as much feed back as possible.


Now where we stand is waiting for a HotFix from BI to resolve the desync issues as now the issue is out of our hands. We cannot futher develop our mod as we dont want to pile code ontop of the current Arma build as we cant verify it wont cause any more issues.


As we wait for BI to hotfix Arma3, we can only call on our community to reach out to key members at BI and let them know your frustrations with the current development and QA process. We wouldn't have these problems if the QA on releases was done to a satisfactory level and if some communication was given to the community about the state of 1.26 issues, the amount of time we wasted could have been avoided if they communicated with their community about issues in their 1.26 build.



@QA_bistudio @Lathspel @Endstar @bhlava @jaycroweuk @bohemiainteract @KarelMoricky @QA_bistudio @Arma3official @maruksp


Feedback Tracker Issues:

0020358: Massive desynchs on high population servers

0020363: Extremely high client desync after upgrading dedicated server to 1.26

0020410: Permanent Desync of 100000 in Multiplayer Games


We just want a stable build for you guys to play on and the last 2 Arma patches have made that almost impossible for us to give you, for that we apologize. We hope we can get the mod back on track as soon as possible and give you the best experience Arma3 and BreakingPoint can offer.






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#74651 List of bag and vest sizes

Posted by Linkn on 11 April 2014 - 06:43 AM

Alot of people ask what bag holds the most stuff. So i did a comparason using 5.56 mags, and this is the results i got. 


Link to wiki page





Civ bag - 10
Sports bag - 15
Ranger medic pack - 17
Outlaw Equip pack - 18
Activity bag - 19
British bag - 22
Outlaw Heavy pack - 24
Nomad Alic pack- 26
Survival Bag - 27
Nomad Czech Pack - 30

Ranger belt - No armor - 4
Survival rig - Light armor - 6
TacVest - No armor - 8
Equipment harness - Light armor - 8
Plate Carrier - Medium Armor - 10



Hope you found it usefull.




Edit log

-Updated with Armor for Vests.

-Wiki page updated

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#126093 Breaking Point T-Shirts & SWAG

Posted by nohrt on 10 August 2014 - 12:37 PM

So i've setup a page for you guys to purchase some Breaking Point swag! T-Shirts come in all sizes and are shipped right to your door. Prices vary due to sizes, but are between 28-32$ USD.
Choose from Multiple Tee's....






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#96862 **Zombie AI and the upcoming "Watcher" zombie**

Posted by Valtiel on 27 May 2014 - 04:17 PM

**Disclaimer: The name Watcher is not a final, just an idea for now**



Zombie AI is tough, especially in a game like Breaking Point. Having a large focus on PvP means you need to tread carefully when introducing PvE elements so as not to "interrupt" PvP too much. By that I mean having something that is too overtly aggressive or tank-like that has the potential to simply bowl through squads that are dueling it out. This CAN be fun but needs to be done really carefully in order to work and I think there are cooler things to put that effort towards anyway. I would prefer to keep the PvE elements more isolated from PvP combat for now. I am not going to spoil too much about the new zombie as I would prefer it to be experienced and talked about more than studied and discussed before hand, but I will give some spoilers. 


The new "Watcher" is going to behave pretty much the opposite of the current zombies. The zombies now are obviously dumb, slow, not terribly effective, and very much out in the open. Much of this is going to be improved to make them a bit more effective but the general idea is going to remain. The "Watcher" is going to be smart, fast, and hidden. It will be more interested in its own survival than pursuing you but will have the capacity to deal large amounts of damage and will be hard to kill. The idea is that they will be rare but always in the back of your mind, this is a very important balance because if something is too common then you get used to dealing with it, no matter how hard it may be and it also starts becoming more annoying than scary. Scary is the goal and I look forward to seeing how people deal with him.  :ph34r:

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#46277 Developer/Designer thoughts on user feedback **PLEASE READ**

Posted by Valtiel on 12 February 2014 - 02:28 PM

This is a rant/article that contains ideas that I feel a lot of people should think about. Anyone who has spent any meaningful amount of time on any game forum has seen this played out a thousand times over. 


First to (somewhat) qualify these statements, I have 5 years in the game industry. I worked at Sony Computer Entertainment America for 2 years (yay!) and Zynga for 3 years (boo!). I care deeply about thoughtful game design and know a thing or two about it, so i'm not some (completely) hapless idiot who is blundering his way through a mod. I will of course make mistakes, and obviously this platform is one that has some significant challenges, but please read on. 


It is a reasonably accepted truth among industry professionals that the average gamer has no idea what he really wants. This is an idea that just recently came up on Zero Punctuation and it is a very good one that I am going to repeat almost word for word. If you ask someone what they want they will likely tell they want what they already like. Most people do not know what they want until they already have it and this is VERY true in the video game world. A prime example of this is the idea of being able to purchase gear loadouts. Many people think they want this, but ultimately it not only robs them of the experience they *actually* want but destroys the experience of everyone else around them. This is also evidence by much of the suggestions we receive on the Feedback page. People want base building because Epoch/Origins had it and they know they like that. People want UAVs and kill streaks because Call of Duty had it and they liked that. Some people want names that popup when they hover over people, some want selectable spawns all around the map.....the list goes on. With more resources we could do every single one of these things and the game would a complete mess. Take a moment to actually think about that.....if we were to integrate everything in the feedback thread there would be a lot of unhappy users. This is not because the people making the suggestions are malicious or uneducated.....they simply want what they think they already like, but there NEEDS to be the consideration for what other people will think of your idea if you want to come up with something that actually has a chance of being in a game. The trouble is that most people want what they want and not what is necessarily good for the platform they are suggesting it for. This is why Game Designer positions are populated by college graduates and not teenagers who can scream into a mic on Xbox Live or troll internet forums spewing their vast, uneducated design knowledge. 


This also applies to feedback on existing mechanics as well. One person who plays one certain way will not like one specific change to something and now they will throw every piece furniture in their home at your head until you change it back because YOU ARE RUINING THE GAME!!!11!1! In the industry these people are unanimously ignored and for good reason. If they had their way, every game would be designed specifically for them and exactly what they want to do at the expense of what anyone else thinks or cares about.Games are designed for thousands, not individuals. 


These ideas are hold truth in everyday life as well, i'm sure some of you have engaged in political debates with someone who feels they have the answers to absolutely every problem with their government, people that have never held a political position in their life but have watched a few youtube videos and gotten angry. 


So to summarize, please think hard about your ideas and feedback. Think about how other people would feel about your ideas and present them as simply and respectfully as you can. Many of you already do this and YOU are the people that we listen to and talk about when we are working. If everyone approached feedback this way then it would benefit the game greatly as it gives us the most accurate possible picture of what is going on and also builds a stronger more engaging community. Thank you for reading. 


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#129469 Dready's New Player Guide (WIP) Enjoy!

Posted by Dready on 21 August 2014 - 08:14 AM

Here is a guide to some of the many features in this awesome game. The guide presumes you are using the default controls. When the games refers to ‘mouse scroll’ this means bring up the menu that you mouse scroll on, this is context sensitive and change depending on your situation. Middle mouse button will also bring up this menu.


This guide is designed to help new players and maybe highlight some features to others. Basically I put this together to help some friends who play as some features are not explained or obvious. The information is current as of today however I do not claim that the information is 100% accurate :D


If this guide is useful I will look into updating this guide with images and maybe video guides. Let me know what you think and if you have major issues with it then feel free to write your own :D




Spawn Locations


Get lost when you spawn in? Here is a quick guide to finding gear reasonably quickly. These are only suggested routes to find some gear, where you go from there is up to you.


New Haven


East -  Head inland till you find a road, follow the road until you arrive in New Haven Town

West - Keep the ocean on your right and follow the coastline round to the right/east, you will come across Smugglers cove then the Evac Centre.





Yellow Chain - You are suffering from high ping/latency, this should pass or go to a red chain.

Red Chain - You are desync’d from the server, this will cause other players/zombies to rubber band around the screen, if this persists for more than a couple of minutes you may want to consider logging out or changing server.

No Message received - This message will be in the centre of your screen and it will be in Red, this means the server is restarting/gone down. Quit out and refresh your BP launcher server list until the server you need is back up.

Updater - If you are having problems connecting to the server exit Arma 3 and close the Breaking Point updater, reopen this and click the versions icon at the top right of the main screen. If any versions (BP/Arma/Updater etc) are not green then they need updating. The restart of the BP launcher will often refresh the versions that you need to update to.

If Arma3 has recently updated (usually automatically through steam) then it will often take an hour or 2 for the BP team to roll out support to the servers for this build.



Basic Controls

WASD are your movements keys and look is with the mouse, just like most FPS games.

Shift + W- Runs

Shift + W then F whilst sprinting with no weapon drawn -  Dive onto the ground and draw primary weapon

Alt - Head look.

Double Tap Alt - Toggle Head Look

Left CTRL + W/S  - changes your stance. for example you can actually sit down by hold LEFT CTRL and pressing S a few times.

Left CTRL + A/D  - Change the side your gun is on (Useful for room clearing in CQB)

Q/E - Tilt Head

Z - Lie down

X - Crouch Down

I - Inventory

K - Compass (When acquired)

O - Watch (When acquired)

B - Binoculars (When acquired)

1 - Primary Weapon

2 - Secondary




There are 2 primary ways to communicate within the game, voice comms and channel/faction based chat.


Voice Comms - Ensure that you have the Direct Communication channel selected, you change channel by pressing the < and > keys (next to the right shift). When you have Direct Communication selected you can press the CAPS LOCK key to talk within the game. Be aware however that every player within the radius of this chat will hear you, friendly or enemy.

Text Chat - This is selected the same as the voice comms with the < and > keys, to talk in the channel press the / key.




Below are a few navigational aids in the game. The best way is to follow roads etc, of follow the coastline. The sun always sets in the West and if you have a watch you can see the time by pressing ‘O’.

Maps - These are found in houses in suitcase equipment spawns and small boxes. The map can be accessed by using ‘M’ as default. To get a rough idea on where you are click the small circle icon in the top right of the map.

The player list and pings can be accessed from the player menu in the top left of the map screen.

Compass - Press ‘K’  and this will show your compass.

GPS - When you have a GPS you can hold CTRL and click on the map to have waypoints assigned to your main screen. You must be on the map screen when assigning this waypoint for the GPS to function.


Player Identification

It is important that you learn to identify what the other factions look like when you play. With the new system added this week (25/08/2014) you will become a traitor for 60 seconds if you shoot a friendly player. Being a traitor means you can be killed regardless of the class of the other player and the point benefit is quite high. This is a nice new implementation that basically allows you to defend yourself against other players who shoot on sight regardless of your class/faction. 

Traitors can be easily identified by the player missing headgear (hats/scarfs etc) and their clothing having blood stains on them. 

I have linked the wiki below which is reasonably up to date with point info but please note that this could have changed. It is also worth noting that points are halved when on smaller maps such as New Haven and Thirsk. Take a look at the class images and learn to identify your targets, otherwise if you fall into minus points it can be a hard road back to 0 points to get the class traits back again. 

Players level up at 2000 points and then the final level at 5000 points. I believe the cap on points is 8000 points. 





Health and Status


Healing Custom Command - Ensure that you have a custom control setup for healing. Goto the options menu and in the drop down select custom controls. Bind custom control 1 to a key, I use H for this. Now pressing ‘H’ should sit the player down and a healing icon will appear in the top right of the screen. This doesn’t work if you go into a tree or wall so ensure you can sit down without clipping into any terrain/objects, otherwise the player will stand up. Also sometimes you need to have a weapon equipped as if you have no weapon in hand you sometimes will not sit down and heal.

Note - Ensure you are not aiming down sights or you will stand up again. Also having a melee weapon equipped usually stops you from sitting down to heal. 


Panting - You are thirsty, drink something to fix this. If you don’t you will get the message on screen that you are thirsty, this will eventually lead to your death.

Stomach Grumbling - You are hungry, eat something to fix this. As with thirst you will receive message warning you, eventually you will die of this condition.

Max Health - When healing you will eventually get the message that maximum health is reached, this however only takes you to 75%, to get to 100% you need to eat cooked meat. Or have another player use a surgery kit on you, note that bad factions healing good can lead to point loss. 


Conditions & Damage


Blood on screen - You are bleeding, you need to bandage or you will pass out and eventually die. Small bandages are for all moderate/minor wounds, however if you get the message that the bandage is ineffective then you need to use a field dressing (larger bandage) on the wound. Sometimes you can sit down and heal through the damage/blood loss if you are a Nomad as you heal quicker than other classes. This doesn’t always work but worth a try if you are without bandages.

Screen shaking - This means you are injured and in pain. Consume a painkiller to fix this condition.

Walking slowly/Arms shaking when aiming - Your limbs have sustained moderate/heavy damage, use Morphine to fix this condition.

Heart Beat Audible - You are near death, you must heal up as one more hit will probably kill you.

Blood/veins/Tunnel vision on screen - You are unconscious, you may regain consciousness after a few minutes, if you do come round then heal up quickly.



Bags and Vests

Your character will start with a basic civilian backpack until you level up (for some faction types). Below is a list of the various storage options your character can have, the numbers below show the amount of 5.56mm mags that can be stored as reference:


Civ bag - 10

Sports bag - 15

Ranger medic pack - 17

Outlaw Equip pack - 18

Activity bag - 19

British- 22

Outlaw pack - 24

Nomad Alice pack- 26

Survival Bag - 27

Nomad Czech Pack - 30


Ranger belt - No armor - 4

Survival rig - Light armor - 6

TacVest - No armor - 8

Equipment harness - Light armor - 8

Plate Carrier - Medium Armor - 10




Food, Water & Hunting


Cook Meat - To cook meat you need wood and matches, double click the matches in your inventory to create a fireplace, once spawned scroll wheel over the fire to light it, then scroll menu over the fire and select 'Cook Meat' (Thank you RealMeatShield for pointing an error I had included) (This is obtained from skinning animals you have killed, you need a Knife for this) this will cook the meat and be safer to consume. Also Raw meat does not have the healing properties of the cooked ones. 

Water Bottles - Water bottles can be filled from the blue barrels you find outside buildings, some have sand in however so check in them first. To fill your water bottle you must double click an empty water bottle from your inventory to fill it.

Purify water - Water you gathered from a barrel has a chance to make you sick, if this happens you must consume an Anti Viral. To make all water safe you must boil it. To boil water you need an empty can in your inventory, this is obtained from eating tinned food and then checking the floor afterwards to get a tin can. Create a campfire then scroll over the fire and select boil water.

Animals - There are various animals in game to kill and gut, for example Rabbits give you 2 Raw Meat and Sheep give you 4. Kill the animal then scroll wheel over the animal and select ‘Gut Animal’ this requires a knife in your inventory to achieve.



Points and Factions

You actions within game allow you to gain and lose points towards your character. When you gain 2000 points you will achieve the next level from your starting class, however if you drop below 0 points you will become a traitor and have a price put on your head for all classes.

The Wiki on this has some information on this and its reasonably up to date:





To construct storage and other items in the game you will need the correct tool and the correct recipe. Below is a link to the BP wiki however I believe some of the information on required items is out of date/incorrect. What I suggest is that you find the recipe first and upon reading it you can see how much of each you require. I will be updating this information on this guide when I have gone through them ingame to keep it upto date.






Taking Hostages - To take a hostage have duct tape in your inventory, scroll wheel over the player/victim and select take hostage.

Being a hostage - If you are taken hostage scroll wheel and select Break free, this only works if you have a knife and it is in your backpack. Always ensure you have a knife in your backpack.

Freeing a hostage - To free a hostage simply scroll wheel over the hostage and select ‘free hostage’



Weapons & Scopes


Alternative scope modes - Some scopes (ACOG for example) Have both a magnified and red dot sight. To change between the two modes hold Left CTRL and press the right mouse button whilst aiming down them.

Also holding the right mouse button will steady your aim, however this has a finite duration and will cause you to be out of breath after a short time.

Ranging Scopes - Page Up and Page Down will change the range on the scope. However as a general rule if you are unsure of range set the scope to 200 and aim center mass on the target, this way if you underestimate the range you will hit around the stomach area and if you over estimate you may get lucky with a head shot. Remember old weapons/ammo are less accurate than standard weapons so don’t be surprised if some shots are not where you expect them to be.

Holster Weapons - You can run faster by stowing your weapons, this can be done quickly by pressing ‘5’. Pressing Shift you will now sprint with your hands free. Whilst sprinting press ‘F’ to dive to the floor and draw your weapon, be aware this will default the weapon to single shot mode.

Weapon Damage - There is a list (reasonably up to date) on the wiki that can be found here:http://breakingpointmod.com/wiki/index.php?title=Weapons however a (very) general rule of thumb is the larger the calibre the higher the damage. If a weapon is listed as ‘old’ then its generally less accurate than its newer and shinier counterparts. The most common calibres in the game in order of damage(Lowest to Highest) are:

.22>9mm>4.6x30mm>.45/12 Gauge>5.45x39mm Soviet>5.56x45mm/.233>6.5x47mm>7.62x51mm/30-06/.303/.300/>.50

Distance also plays a role in damage with damage dropping off over distance however as a general rule the list above will let you see if weapons you come across are generally an upgrade.




To repair vehicles you will need a toolbox in your inventory. All vehicles spawn into the game needing some mechanical attention or fuel (Usually both). Repair items can be found in skips/large bins usually in industrial areas. They can also be found in construction sites (half built houses) in the square dark brown boxes.



Saving and respawn - Open the scroll menu and select 'Force Save' from the options. This should save your vehicle and it will be there when you log back in. However since the last Arma3 patch and the hard work the devs have put into the mod this is slightly less reliable than before (As of 27/08/2014). Other players however could stumble upon your vehicle and steal it., I would recommend that if you have the inventory spare take parts off your vehicle and store them in your backpack. This will help reduce the chance that someone will find it and have the parts needed on them to take the vehicle. 


Fuel - To refuel a car/truck/quad you need to fill a fuel can at a petrol station. With a fuel can in your inventory double click it near a petrol station pump. You can also syphon fuel from vehicles, scroll wheel over the vehicle and select it from the list.

To refuel a helicopter simply land on the roof of the petrol station (pump area) You can fill it with fuel cans however this will take a long time as you only fill 5 litres of fuel at a time with each can. One can of fuel in a helicopter will only get you about 2 km's before empty.


Repairs - All vehicles will have 2 states, either missing (Red) or in need of repair (Yellow), below is list of stuff you will need:

Yellow Avionics - Electrical Wire

Red Avionics - Electronics Board

Yellow Body - Duct Tape

Red Body - Fiberglass Panel

Yellow Engine - Engine Coolant

Red Engine - Starter Motor

Yellow Fuel - Waterproof Tape

Red Fuel - Fuel Hose Kit

Yellow Glass - Liquid Resin

Red Glass - Toughened Glass Panel

Yellow Rotor & Vrotor - Hydraulic Fluid

Red Rotor & Vrotor - Hydraulic Cylinder

Yellow Wheels - Tire repair*

Red Wheels - Worn Tire*

*If you have a spare tire and no tire repair kit, you can shoot out a damaged tire and then simply replace it.




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#39286 Arma 3 Bug Tracker Issues to Upvote

Posted by Guest on 26 January 2014 - 02:22 AM

Please Upvote the following Arma 3 Bug Tracker issues that also effect Breaking Point.
Will add more shortly.

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#134892 Thoughts about certain content creators and development

Posted by Guest on 08 September 2014 - 10:42 PM

As a mod developer, I often get content creators messaging me asking for special treatment compared to other alpha testers. I absolutely hate this, I treat all testers equally no matter if you have thousands of followers on twitch or subscribes on youtube. No matter how famous you are, the true thing that matters is at the end of the day is feedback, support and valid bug reports. 


These issues with content creators have been happening since Arma 2. Asking for spawning in gear, teleports, a mass of things. All of which are only possible for the development team on development servers only. When we reject these requests saying they are not possible on production servers, we get responses like "This is how you treat me after I gave your mod free advertising" is nasty. We don't care about advertising, we only care about valid bug reports and testers. If we didn't rely on new donations to keep the mod and servers running we would be in close testing with whitelisting disabled.


If you are a content creator, watch how your attitude is displayed. While my attitude as a developer may be conflicting due to stress and other reasons, no human being is better then another. No matter how popular they are. 


What's usual about our development team is that we are more active within the community. We read every single forum post, or at least try to. While we don't get time to respond to everyone, we do care. 


Please don't take offence to this post, this is merly my own thoughts and concerns. Thanks for being awesome alpha testers.






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